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Bosmere Product Limited's Intellectual Property

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All Intellectual Property in all Materials and other information supplied by the Bosmere Products Limited, whether produced by itself or a third party, are supplied on the express understanding that the user will not, without the prior written consent of Bosmere Products Limited, give away, loan, exhibit, or sell such Materials or other information or extract from them or make copies of them or use them in any way except in connection with the Goods in respect of which they are issued.

The user shall as soon as it becomes aware immediately give the Company in writing full particulars of any claim being made or action pending, threatened or brought against the user or Bosmere Products Limited in relation to an alleged infringement of Intellectual Property and shall make no comment or admission to any third party in respect thereof. If the Purchaser becomes aware of any use or proposed use by any other person, firm or company of any Intellectual Property described in Condition 8.2 of our Terms of Sale which amounts or might amount either to infringement or to passing off it shall immediately give Bosmere Products Limited full particulars of the same in writing.

If requested by Bosmere Products Limited, we may conduct any proceedings or defence relating to any claims under Condition 7 of our Terms of Sale in such manner as the we thinks fit. The user shall provide to the Company such reasonable assistance as the Bosmere Products Limited may deem fit.

For our full terms and conditions regarding trademark infringment, please see our Terms of Sale.