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Bosmere's Lawn Care Range, enabling you to keep an imaculate lawn. Featuring:

  • Lawn Aerators
  • Lawn Edging
  • New Lawn Edger with Rubber Handle
  • NEW - Long Handled Weeder

The perfect solutuion for acquiring a flawless lawn

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Lawn Scarifier

Our Lawn Scarifier is ideal for small lawns designed to remove unwanted moss and thatch to improve t..

5Ltr Pressure Sprayer

The Bosmere 5L Pressure Sprayer can be used to spray pesticides, fertiliser and herbicides in the ga..

Lawn Spike Aerator

Our Lawn Spike Aerator has 27 Spikes covering a 34cm width with over 184 aeration holes per square m..

Lawn Spike Shoes

Our Lawn Aerating Shoes are so easy to use, just strap on over normal garden shoes and take a walk a..

Hollow Tine Aerator

Our Hollow Tine Lawn Aerator is constructed of steel frame with a green powder coated finish and ext..

Lawn Edging

Our Lawn Edge is designed to keep your lawn edges neat and tidy without trimming. This pack contains..

Flexi Edge Lawn Edging

Our Flexi Edge Lawn Edging simply slots together to create any curved edging for your lawn. Use an..

Lawn Fertiliser Spreader

Our Lawn Fertiliser Spreader helps you spread fertiliser evenly over your lawn. It has 5 different s..

Lawn Edger with Rubber Handle

Our Lawn Edger is the ideal tool to create and maintain your garden.Creating neat-cut uniform edges ..

Multipurpose Long Handled Weeder

Our Multipurpose Long Handled Weeder is the ideal tool for removing unwanted weeds from your garden...

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